👥Business Model

Shopcek's innovative approach encompasses both B2B and B2C models, tailored to meet the needs of projects, influencers, and individual users. This section will outline our B2B revenue-sharing options, focusing on collaboration with projects and influencers to foster mutual growth and success.

B2B Revenue Sharing Options

Standard Profit Share

  • Structure: 25% Shopcek / 75% Brand Profit

  • Purpose: Immediate financial returns, providing brands with the majority share of the profits.

Hybrid Model

  • Structure: 20% Shopcek / 40% Brand Profit / 40% Reinvestment into marketing and growth initiatives.

  • Purpose: Balancing immediate financial goals with long-term growth initiatives.

Stake Model

  • Structure: Requires SHPC Stake + 10% revenue to Shopcek.

  • Purpose: Allows brands to retain 90% of profits by leveraging staked SHPC for enhanced partnership benefits.

Subscription Model

  • Structure: $250 Monthly + 15% revenue to Shopcek.

  • Purpose: Brands keep 85% profit, with marketing driven by the project for hands-on control over promotional strategies.

Marketing Reinvestment Channels include digital advertising, community and engagement initiatives, and marketing and influencer collaborations, ensuring that reinvested funds are utilized effectively to maximize brand visibility and engagement.

B2C Pricing Model

For details on B2C pricing options, please refer to the Payment Options section of our whitepaper. This section provides the pricing strategies designed to meet the needs of our individual users.

Refill & Marketplace Business Models

While we have future plans for Refill and Marketplace business models, it's important to note that these are subject to iteration and refinement based on market dynamics and the success of our Merch initiative. Our primary focus remains on Merch at this stage, with the flexibility to adapt our models for Refill and Marketplace as we continue to grow and evolve within the web3 ecosystem.

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