🎖️SHPC Utility

The SHPC token stands as the cornerstone of Shopcek's ecosystem, designed to offer substantial benefits and utilities to both users and partners. This section delves into the various utilities of the SHPC token, categorized under immediate utilities for users, benefits for projects and influencers, engagement and growth mechanisms, future utilities, and the token value enhancement strategy.

Immediate Utilities


  • Main Currency Discount:

    • Utility: Users receive a 20% discount on all purchases made with SHPC, encouraging the adoption of SHPC as the primary transaction currency on Shopcek. This initiative highlights our vision of making SHPC the leading e-commerce currency, aiming for its broad adoption throughout our platform.

  • Duration-Based Staking:

    • Utility: Users gain additional discounts on purchases by staking SHPC on the platform, rewarding long-term holders and frequent shoppers.

  • Loyalty Program:

    • Utility: The loyalty program offers tiered rewards and discounts, enhancing as users stake more SHPC, fostering a committed and engaged community.

Projects & Influencers

  • Enhanced Revenue Share:

    • Utility: Projects and influencers receive more favorable revenue splits by staking SHPC, incentivizing their participation and investment in the platform.

  • Subscription Discounts:

    • Utility: Discounts on monthly fees are available when paying with SHPC, reducing operational costs for our partners.

Engagement and Growth

  • Referral & Affiliate Bonuses:

    • Utility: SHPC rewards users for successful referrals and affiliate marketing activities, driving platform growth and user acquisition.

  • Community Challenges & Competitions:

    • Utility: Engaging the community with challenges and competitions rewarded with SHPC, enhancing user interaction and platform vibrancy.

Future Utilities


  • SHPC-Backed Loans:

    • Utility: Users can secure loans backed by SHPC tokens for platform purchases, providing financial flexibility and encouraging continued platform engagement.

  • Decision-Making Influence:

    • Utility: SHPC holders can influence platform features and promotions, ensuring the community has a voice in Shopcek's evolution.

Projects & Influencers

  • Tokenized Loyalty Program

    • Utility: When partners use SHPC for incentives, Shopcek will contribute additional SHPC to the reward pool, amplifying the benefits.

  • Advertising Features:

    • Utility: Advanced advertising options are unlocked through SHPC staking, offering sophisticated marketing tools to our partners.

Token Value Enhancement

  • Buyback & Burn Mechanism:

    • Utility: To boost SHPC's value, we employ a deflationary strategy where a portion of platform revenues is used to periodically repurchase and burn SHPC tokens. This direct investment in the token's market dynamics underscores our dedication to enhancing its long-term value, ensuring a stable and promising financial ecosystem for SHPC holders.

By leveraging the SHPC token, we aim to foster a synergistic relationship between users, projects, influencers, and the broader web3 community, paving the way for a future where blockchain technology enhances every aspect of e-commerce.

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